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Democracy[Space] matters.

Working together we can build more effective, relevant and trusted tools for better democracy.

DemocracySpace is a new hub for open, collaborative innovation and coproduction and a network for democratic innovators. It's open to anyone who wants to make demoracy work better.

It's about connecting, growing and strengthening democratic innovation, and it's coming soon...

What we're doing.

Innovation - It's difficult to get traction for new democratic tools and processes, so we're creating a new ideas and action space to explore, nurture and grow democratic innovation and coproduction. A physical space that acts as an ideas hub and accelerator for democratic projects and as an open venue for democratic conversations and events. Bringing together users, thinkers, designers and doers through curated programmes of listening, exploring, innovating and acting.

Network - There are a lot of (often small) groups doing fantastic, innovative things with participation and democracy. But there's an imperfect market: knowledge gets lost, people don't connect and ideas fail to fly. We'll start by connecting up our extensive networks across the UK and around the world through a series of online curated events, connecting up like minds, sharing democratic innovation and developing opportunities for collaboration and active learning.

Learning - We believe that active learning is missing from too many democracy projects, often because of time or resources. This means we're missing out on capacity building, knowledge transfer and opportunities to scale, share and understand how new participation tools and techniques are impacting on democracy. Everything we do is part of a reflexive action learning process, designed into our core DNA and built around an open reflexive culture that wants to learn, share and grow.

Let's build it together.

We want DemocracySpace to become a collective of organisations and individuals who share a passion for democratic innovation and transformation. It's about building a social infrastructure for democratic innovation. It's about people and it's as much about education and capacity building as it is digital and data. Contact us to get involved and to stay informed about developments.

We want DemocracySpace to be your space, open to anyone whose work is open and non-partisan. DemocracySpace has a strong global focus and we welcome members and collaborators from around the world. We've already had significant expressed interest from a number of potential partners, now we're inviting you to join us:

Most of all, please get in touch...

Say Hello.

If you're passionate about making democracy work better, want to get involved or just find out more, we want to hear from you.

Who we are.

The core team is: Democratise, a leading voice on democratic innovation and open parliaments; the Democratic Society, a network for participation and democratic experiments; and Citizens Foundation, whose mission is to bring people together to debate and prioritize innovative ideas.